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  I have started my career in the profession as a dental technician. This was my jumping board till I got my degree at the University of Szeged and then took my examinations in Budapest. I opened my first praxis in 1990.
  The particularly dynamic developments in dental medicine, on one hand, led me seek out new professional challenges, on the other hand it led me strive to minimize the discomforts caused by the treatment—as my outstanding professor said „at the end of every tooth, there is a human being”.

Thus, the achievement of professional quality had to be harmonized with the easening of stress that is always present in patients. The waiting room, the whole atmosphere of the praxis, the internal design’s harmonious aura, and before all, the staff members, all serve to satisfy this purpose. A cutting-edge equipment and outstanding background in dental technology guarantee high quality despite the pressing timeframes that we have to work with.

 The preparation of information, consultation and the treatment plan is free of charge.



Dr. Virág Péter


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